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Heating Services in Denver, Colorado

We at Sanders and Johnson are a well-known heating service company that is well-loved by the community of Denver, CO. We have been serving the community of this great city since the 1970s. We have seen trends come and go, and businesses rise and fall.

Our services have only gotten better through it all. We provide heater service along with all other kinds of heating and cooling services in Denver. So when you hire us, you get a heating service contractor that looks at the entire heating and cooling system before making a decision.


Comprehensive Heating Services in Denver, Colorado


We heat your home and even the outside of your home whenever necessary to help you live comfortably in freezing weather. From hot water to central heating, we do it all. 


  • Heating Installation – Whether you are renovating or moving into a new home, our experts are always available for simple and easy guidance. With our help, choosing a new heating system will be a breeze. We will work out the best fit for your family or business requirements, future expansion plans, the most efficient fuel source, and, of course, the budget.


  • Heater Maintenance – Like any operating machine, your heater needs some tuning-up every now and then. Regular maintenance keeps your heater running smoothly throughout the winter without any major issues or breakdowns. You want to stay cozy and warm in the winter, and heater maintenance is exactly how you make sure that happens.


  • Heater Repair – Even when you think everything is okay and things are running smoothly, something can always go wrong with your heater. It may be an older heating system or there may have been an accident that caused it to stop working. Whatever it is, Sanders and Johnson provides heater repairs in any situation.


  • Heater Replacement – Now, your heater has either stopped working all-together or it is old enough to require constant repairs. In this scenario, you would seek out an entire heater replacement. You could even want to move on to a more fuel-efficient model with better features for your comfort. 


We are a professional heating service company with a team that has over 100 years of combined experience. Each and every technician is trained, licensed, and experienced. Our reliability is what sets our heater service apart. We are insured and have all the required licenses to handle all your heating and cooling service requirements.

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Heating Services FAQs


Here are some of the most common queries about heating services by Sanders and Johnson.


1. How often should a heating system be serviced?


Since winter is the peak season for using the heating system, it is advisable to get it serviced once during Fall. The following service can be during spring when most heating requirements have diminished to a minimum. 


2. What are some common issues that a heating system might experience?


A dead thermostat is one of the most common problems heating systems face, so it is worth checking the batteries before booking a heater service contractor. Electric heaters often have issues with the heating element, and gas heaters often have problems with the pilot light or ignition. Blocked vents and malfunctioning heat exchangers are also common issues.


3. How can I save money on my heating bill?


The easiest way to save money on your heating bill is by ensuring proper insulation of the entire house, thus preventing heat from leaking. The next step is to get a thorough cleaning and servicing done of the whole heating system, including clearing out all the air ducts and vents. The next step is to ensure that you use the most efficient heater type for your usage pattern.


4. How do I know if my heating is broken?


If your heater is not providing enough warmth or seems to take forever to get hot, there’s a problem. If it does not respond to the thermostat settings or no heat is coming out, the heater is likely not working. Another sign is intermittent temperature changes, where the air heats only periodically.


The Importance of Heating Services in Denver, Colorado


Denver is known for its cold winters, and the temperature can drop below 20 degrees. Furthermore, central heating is an essential modern comfort that should be available to all families and businesses. It is necessary for the comfort and health of all individuals. This is especially true for newborns, infants, toddlers, seniors, and the gravely ill.

Cold exposure may create health complications that can be easily avoided by ensuring an efficient and effective heating system. The bottom line is that your home or business should be a warm haven for all who are part of it and all who visit. A good heating service can deliver an excellent heating experience efficiently and reliably.


Satisfaction Guaranteed Heating Services from a Trustworthy HVAC Service Company 

Since the heating system of your home or business is so essential, you should only rely on a trustworthy heating service. Sanders and Johnson have been actively serving the heating needs of Denver since 1977. Over almost five decades, it established itself as a dedicated and professional service provider with an excellent track record for efficiency and reliability.

Hence, choose the best heating service in Denver when you need to book a heating service. 

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