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Cooling System Efficiency

What do you need to do to keep your cooling system running efficiently?

First call Sanders  &  Johnson for your scheduled regular maintenance for your air conditioning equipment.

Ask us about tips and maintenance programs for the health of  operating  your air conditioner, evaporator cooler, or your heat pump, our technicians will answer your questions thoroughly.

Here are some great times from the Energy Source that will also help reduce your summer cost:

  • Lights, camera and how about no action!  Try to avoid placing your laps or television sets near your thermostat.  These items can trigger your thermostat to run when the rest of the house is fine as they produce heat and your thermostat can sense that change.  It will make your thermostat run longer, unless you have a programmable thermostat.
  • Those often forgot about registers in your floor should be regularly cleaned to remove any dust buildup.  You want to always have a clear path to the register so make sure they are open and furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your registers.
  • As we start to see some hot days ahead don’t let things heat up in the kitchen:  Try to avoid using the oven, which puts off a ton of additional heat.  Bring out that bbq grill or cook on the stove.  Even use a microwave oven, just a few of these ideas can reduce your bill.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR lighting products.
  • Let the indirect sun shine in and try to avoid using artificial lighting
  • Run laundry and dishwashers at a minimal, do the loads when full or hang clothes out to dry.

Time to upgrade or replace your current air conditioning system.  Check out Sanders & Johnsons financing options.  Sanders & Johnson Heating and Cooling offers you great Bryant deals, call us today!!

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