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Does Your HVAC Contractor Guarantee Their Work?

Hiring the right HVAC contractor requires consideration of a number of important factors. You want to make sure the contractor you hire is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, professional, and affordable. In other words, you want to hire someone who will do a good job at a reasonable price.

But every HVAC contractor will claim to do good work, so how can you really be sure that’s what you’ll get?

Your best bet is to hire an HVAC contractor that guarantees their work and offers a manufacturers warranty on the equipment. You wouldn’t buy a new Chevy warranted by “Joe’s auto”. You would want a GM warranty. When you work with someone that offers guaranteed work, you’re getting more than just their word – you’re getting a written guarantee that the job will be done right and if it’s not it will be corrected until it is right and you’re satisfied.

A truly reputable HVAC contractor always guarantees all of their work. They stand behind their work and make sure that you’re satisfied. They don’t ask for up front money. They trust you’ll be totally satisfied and you’ll be happy to pay them once the work is completed. This is the kind of contractor you need to hire. So, before you choose a contractor, always ask if their work is guaranteed.

With Sanders & Johnson, you always get 100% satisfaction guaranteed work on all HVAC services. Learn more about the Denver heating and air conditioning experts at

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