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Furnace Repair in Denver

Here at Sanders and Johnson, we firmly believe that home is where the hearth is! To keep things nice and cozy for you and your family, we offer services for the best furnace repair in Denver. Be it gas or electric furnace repair, we are the heating repair company that you can count on to be reliable and professional.

Sanders and Johnson is an elite team of furnace repair contractors with decades of experience in residential HVAC systems. We provide everything from installations to repairs and servicing. What sets us apart? Read on to find out!

Be Prepared for the Harsh Weather in Denver, Colorado with Furnace Repairs


Furnace repair in Denver becomes absolutely necessary to keep your home from freezing over. Winter temperatures in the Mile High City regularly dip below 30, and you need a properly functioning furnace to see it through. 

It’s not just about comfort—ample heating assures better health for the youngest and the oldest members of your family. Extreme cold may lead to several health complications without proper heating, especially at night.

The next most important reason you need furnace repair in Denver is cost savings. Your furnace is responsible for a large part of your monthly energy expenditure. A broken or malfunctioning furnace usually consumes much more fuel or electricity than a properly functioning unit. 

The efficiency of a furnace is in its ability to contain and move all the heat it is generating. This heat is delivered throughout the house via your ventilation system. The furnace tends to lose the generated heat when there is a problem with the machine. So it uses up more energy to achieve the same amount of heating.

One more reason for getting the best furnace repair services in Denver is safety. A furnace can become a safety hazard if it has broken down. This is why you should trust only professional and experienced furnace repair contractors like Sanders and Johnson with repairs.

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Furnace Repair FAQs


1. How Do You Know If Something is Wrong with Your Furnace?


Several signals reveal a malfunctioning furnace. The pilot light is not igniting, the blower has no airflow or won’t shut off, the burners won’t stay lit, etc. When you observe one of these signs, you know it is time to call in the furnace repair experts.


2. What Are the Most Common Furnace Repairs?


Constant use of the furnace often clogs up the air filters, so cleaning or replacing the filters is one of the most common repairs. A leaking duct is also a common problem, fixed by locating and sealing the duct area. Problems with ignition or burners are also common, and they may need minor or significant repairs.


3. How to Troubleshoot Before Requesting a Furnace Repair?


Check your air filters to see if they are clogged. Clean the interiors and oil the machine. Check the thermostat battery in case it has stopped working.


4. What is the Best Type of Furnace?


The best type of furnace depends on your budget, location, and house. Sanders and Johnson’s expert technicians are always available to guide you through a purchasing decision based on your needs.


What to Expect during Your Furnace Repair?


Sanders and Johnson HVAC experts will start with a thorough inspection of the system before conducting the furnace repair. They will check the ductwork, air filters, and furnace for problems. After a thorough inspection, they will give you an accurate diagnosis and an estimate for the cost. Once you have understood and agreed, they will proceed.

Our experts can complete most repair jobs on the same day unless parts need to be specially ordered. They can fix simple solutions like a clogged filter, dead thermostat, or leaking duct fairly quickly.


Get Your Furnace Repairs from an Established HVAC Service Company


Sanders and Johnson is a community-oriented company that has been serving the residents of Denver since 1977. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years and has worked in homes of every age and condition. We are the popular choice for all heating and air conditioning services, including furnace repair, in Denver. Call us today to experience our best-in-class service quality.

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