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March Tips for Spring Winter Madness – March 2019

March, the green month! Everyone starts thinking about spring and summer and finally sunshine!  Every March you should have on your calendar, “Beat the Heat” and have our service technician at Sanders & Johnson out to check your air conditioning unit. 

So let’s make sure you go through the check list of things to do to keep cool here’s a few tips:

  • Have you remembered to change your system filters at least once each month or as specified? If not, time to change it.
  • Is it warm enough for a hose? Time to give your unit a bath and hose off any remnant remains of the fall and winter.  Remove dirt, grim and debris around the fan area and the condenser unit.
  • Check the vents under your house (those should be closed during the wintertime).
  • Have one of our certified technicians come out and do an inspection of your duct work
  • Check your attic insulation recommended 10 inches thick. Fill any areas that may have moved and make sure you have adequate coverage throughout.
  • Unseal those doors and windows check periodically for additional leaks as your house settles.
  • Is it time for a replacement a/c unit? The team at Sanders & Johnson can help you determine the right unit best for the size of your house and your required comfortable living!
  • How are your freon levels?

We know that upgrading your air conditioning unit is a major expense so the team at Sanders & Johnson tries to make it smooth and painless.  Ask us about our Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems.  Give us a CALL TODAY  to come out and sit with you and find out what your heating and cooling needs are.

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