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Burnham Boiler Denver Residents

Need a new boiler?  Hey, call us for a Burnham boiler Denver residents! Burnham has been producing superior boilers since 1873 and they’ve learned a few things over the years. As the leading manufacturer of quality boilers Burnham, is the name that you can trust to last you and your family for years to come. A Burnham boiler will provide your home with those nice toasty temperatures that you long for all winter long.  At Sanders & Johnson we have been providing Burnham Boilers Denverthe Denver area with exceptional boiler installation since 1977. When you’re looking for a Burnham boiler in Denver, CO you can count on the professionals of Sanders & Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning.

Why a Burnham Boiler?

Burnham boilers are considered the latest and greatest in residential boiler technology. Gone are the days of old when you’d hear the pipes knocking around all night because you had to run the boiler, now they’re quieter than a church mouse. With the cast iron heat exchanger you can rest assured your families furnace will always provide you with the exact level of heat that you want every time. You might be saying to yourself yeah, that’s fine and all but any furnace will keep me warm. With the Burnham ES or ES2 boiler you can sleep soundly knowing that your home will stay just like you want it, anytime you want it. Interested in learning more about what Sanders and Johnson can do for you?

Just a few advantages of a Burnham Boiler for Denver Residents:

  • Are you into clean environment living? A boiler gives you a clean form of heating that wont produce dust particles and cuts down on other allergens.
  • Unlike forced air that moves through the air ducts, the heat from a radiator infuses the room and is not forced.
  • Less noise: Your new boiler heating system’s operational noise is confined to inside the boiler so no forced air noise.

Here at Sanders & Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning we have been providing the Denver area with exceptional service for 40+ years. We provide honest work for honest prices.  We never talk you into servies that you don’t want or need. So when you’re looking for a Burnham boiler in Denver, CO you know you can trust your hometown experts.  Contact Us Today to get your quote on a replacement boiler or installation of a new Burnham unit!

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