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Heater Installation

For up to 9 months of the year, our beloved Denver and surrounding area will remain at or under 70 degrees outside. This means that your heating system will be running almost year-round. We are glad to help you find the best and most efficient way to heat your home on practically any budget.

Finding a new heater isn’t as easy or simplistic as it sounds because you need to make sure you’re finding the best heating solution for your unique living space. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to heating your home, so we recommend working with one of our Heater Installation Experts to make sure you pick the right choice for you.

Heating installation isn’t simple either, but they don’t have to be difficult for you. Let our local heating installation teams do all the hard work for you so that you are certain you’ve made the best decision possible for the life of your home. We’ll come to you and handle the entire installation from start to finish, including the installation of any ductwork your system needs!

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Heating Installation Services

First, we’ll evaluate your needs, preferences, budget, and the unique qualities that make your home, home. Next, we’ll suggest a range of available heater options that we know from experience will work best for you and your lifestyle. Lastly, we’ll install the heater you choose according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications, ensuring that your ductwork has the capacity to provide the heat produced by your new unit! With Sanders & Johnson, you can rest assured that every last aspect of your heater installation will be handled by the friendliest, smartest, and most reliable heater installation experts around!

Heater Installation Services


Perhaps the most important but easiest forgotten appliance in your home, your furnace is probably the only thing between you and freezing temperatures for several months of the year. This is why we take furnace servicing and pre-maintenance very seriously and only install trusted parts from the top brands. With our local weather demanding so much of your furnace, switching to the right high-efficiency unit is a decision that we will gladly assist you with.


Boilers are complex machines which require specialized knowledge to service and install. Many HVAC companies shy away from repairing or installing them because those companies lack the skills necessary to perform the job correctly and safely. But we have extensive knowledge and experience with boiler systems and will readily install, service and repair boilers.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

A mini-split heat pump offers a highly efficient alternative to baseboard or hydronic (hot water) heating. Sometimes they are the best option for specific situations like heating a new addition to a home or perhaps to supplement temperature control where adding ductwork may be impossible. With our extensive experience, our staff can help you weigh the pros and cons of a mini-split system for your space.

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Sanders & Johnson has been the first choice for families across the Denver area for over 40 years because of our dedication to providing the highest quality services as affordably as possible. Our customers know that each and every job we touch will be done right the first time, that our heating installation experts will always arrive on time, and that every member of our team is friendly, courteous, and highly trained to be the best available option.

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