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Angie’s List Review

Cleaned blow motor/recoop coil, cleaned evaporator coil, new furnace filter rack with filter installed, and new jumper duct installed. We bought a house with a furnace that had no filter, and it was set up in a way that we were told there was nowhere to put one. We insisted the seller install one before purchase and they said they did, but a year later furnace stopped working and S&J came out and found that coil was completely clogged with dust/pet hair. No filter to be found.

They were extremely responsive, and very helpful! Even though it was an odd set-up that people previously said “couldn’t be fixed”, Sanders and Johnson immediately said they could get creative and it would be no problem. They knew we were on a budget so they were up front with price, and allowed us to wait until we could afford the fix. The 10% off angie’s list coupon basically paid for the cost of them coming to look at it in the first place, which was nice. (1 month ago) – READ MORE

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