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Remember to change your AC filter

Haven’t changed your AC filter in a while?

Well, it’s time if you haven’t changed it in a month.

It is one of those home maintenance jobs that is often over-looked, but it is important to remember to change it.  Why? If you don’t you risk the AC filter becoming clogged with dirt and dust causing your AC to work twice as hard and it prevents air from flowing freely throughout your home system.

The extra work our AC is doing to keep your air filtered causes parts to wear out faster.  While Sanders and Johnson loves to see our customers, we also want to provide you information so you don’t incur extra expenses that your budget doesn’t need.

Remember your air filter’s job is to keep your air clean and remove all that dust and debris, image how dusty your house would be if you didn’t clean every week but did it every two months!! Whew, what a job that would be, so remember during peak season to change your filters every month.

Haven’t changed your filter before? 

That’s okay it’s an easy task to complete once you locate the AC filter. First check for the location:

*It might be by the return air duct

*It might be by the blower system for the furnace – check the front panel

Still not sure, you can call one of our technicians to help you through the change if this is your first time and hesitant to complete it on your own.  We are not only here to fix issues but to give you the information and tools you need to keep your system working properly.

Which filter do I use?

You can typically find the size on the old filter once you have located it.  But you can always call us.  They can be picked up at any hardware store. You can upgrade the current filter if you want a HEPA filter that helps remove other pollens and molds, just make sure that you have the proper size.

Contact us today if you have questions!

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