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Don’t Let Leaky Ducts Cost You This Summer

Did you know that duct leakage is one of the most common causes of inefficient air conditioning? It’s true. Leaky ducts can cause a decline of up to 40% in your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. If your house has leaky ductwork, that means your energy bills are higher than they should be. Furthermore, your air conditioner is having to work harder to maintain a cool temperature in your home, placing additional stress on the system which can lead to costly repairs and even system failure.

How can you tell if your ductwork is leaking?

  • Your air filters get dirty faster than they should.
  • It’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.
  • There is poor air flow from your vents.
  • You can see dust and dirt streaks at duct connections.

For ducts that are easily accessible, sealing them up is a simple project most homeowners can handle. However, for those air ducts that are in your attic, basement, or other hard-to-access areas, it may be in your best interest to have a professional take a look.

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