Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning ServicesWhen most people think of Colorado they envision our amazing winter snow, but for those of us that live here the sweltering summer sun can be pretty intense. The worst feeling in the world is having your air conditioner give up on you when it’s 90° outside. At Sanders & Johnson we provide a wide variety of air conditioning services in Denver, CO. As the air condition pros you can trust we’ve been providing honest work for honest prices since 1977. At Sanders & Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning we’ll never try to pressure you into expensive products or services you don’t need, or don’t want. So when you’re looking for that hometown company that you know you can trust call the experts of Sanders & Johnson at 303-422-6606. Not sure if we can help you? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you about what we can do.

Our Air Conditioning Services in Denver, CO


Sometimes coils get damaged, it can be a rock, a weed eater, or maybe you’re just mad at the world and decide to give your AC coils a good kick. No matter what the problem is the professionals at Sanders & Johnson have probably seen it before. Give us a call today at 303-422-6606 to see how we can repair, clean, and restore your air conditioning coils back to their former glory.


Without a compressor an air conditioner is pretty much a big fan. Your compressor does exactly what it says it does, it’s in charge of compressing your coolant and creating cold air. Any number of things can go wrong with a compressor, so make sure to call your trusted Denver HVAC professionals at Sanders & Johnson today at 303-422-6606.


Have you noticed your AC isn’t blowing as cold as it use to? You could have a coolant leak, or just need to recharge your system. At Sanders & Johnson we can work with air conditioners of all sizes, give us a call today at 303-422-6606.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Old houses are great, they have character and tell a story that you just don’t get with a new home. The problem is a lot of older homes don’t have the room for expensive ductwork because they were created before air conditioning was the standard. Luckily with Ductless Air Conditioning you can put cold air wherever you want it. Not to mention you can get rid of those loud ugly window units.


The thermostat is what allows you control the comfort level inside your house. Without a thermostat your Air Conditioning or Heat would just sit there and run all day. The experts and Sanders & Johnson, Inc Heating and Air Conditioning can walk you through all the nuances that come with a new thermostat.

Why Sanders & Johnson?

Here at Sanders & Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning we have been providing air conditioning services in Denver, CO since 1977. We like to live by the motto honest work for honest prices and we’ll never pressure you into expensive air conditioning services you don’t need, and don’t want. Give us a call today at 303-422-6606, for one of our skilled technicians to come out and take a look at your system.