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Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool

When it’s hot outside, your natural inclination is to crank up the AC and wait for your home to cool down. While your air conditioner certainly plays a huge role in keeping your home cool, it’s not the only thing you can do to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Here are some other tips that will be helpful for keeping your home cool.

  • Keep the house closed up—Don’t leave doors or windows open when it’s hot outside. This will let in unwanted heat, making your AC work harder, costing you more money and wearing out your unit more quickly.
  • Use ceiling fans wisely—When you use ceiling fans, you can turn the AC thermostat up a little higher so that you don’t have to work your HVAC unit as hard when it’s hot outside.
  • Install mini-blinds—Did you know that mini-blinds can reduce solar heat gain by up to 50 percent? Mini-blinds are a great tool for blocking out the heat.
  • Delay heat-generating activities until nighttime—If possible, try to avoid running the dishwasher, the dryer, or the oven during the day when it’s hottest. These things just add to the heat in your home, making it more uncomfortable. When possible, save these activities for the night.

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