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Save on Your Heating Bill

heating bill

Some people may think that it necessary to constantly crank up the heater or the furnace to make sure that they stay warm making their heating bill outrageous. Although turning on your heater is an obvious choice for one that desires to stay warm, you have to put up with outrageous heating bills during this cold season. The pros at Sanders and Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning are here with some tips that will help you save on your heating bill throughout the season.

Cover your windows with a plastic film:

About 25 percent of heat loss in your home can be contributed to your windows and patio doors. Adding a transparent, plastic film can assist in reducing that loss. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and even easier to remove once the weather begins to warm up again.

Insulation for the attic door:

Even if your attic has adequate insulation, chances are that the access door is lacking and is allowing warm air to escape through the hatch. To make sure that your attic door is effectively blocking airflow, trying attaching fiberglass batt insulation.

Prevent warm air from escaping through your chimney:

Even with the flue closed, heat can escape through your chimney. A simple solution is a chimney balloon. Putting one of these in your chimney helps to stop unwanted airflow and helps to save as much as $100 in a year on your heating bill.

We understand that saving money is important to any property owner.   So if you need help or have any questions on how you can save money on your heating bill in Denver, CO, contact Sanders and Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning.

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