Why Is It So Hot Upstairs?

Is your house hot upstairs but cold downstairs? Does it seem impossible to maintain a consistent temperature in all the areas of your house? Are you tired of struggling to get your air conditioner to perform the way it’s supposed to?

When your house is hot upstairs and cold downstairs, it’s not just uncomfortable and inconvenient. It’s also expensive and hard on your air conditioning system because you have to keep cranking it up to maintain a cool temperature upstairs.

The truth is this is a common problem that a lot of homeowners struggle with. It’s one of the most common air conditioning complains homeowners have.

There are a number of reasons this problem occurs. First, the downstairs area  in two-story homes is closes to the AC fan so the airflow is better down there. Additionally, when the thermostat is located downstairs, it feels the cold temperature in that area and shuts down, leaving the upstairs warm.

A few things you can do to help combat this problem include considering a new duct design, closing basement registers and some downstairs registers, using ceiling fans, and ensuring proper insulation levels in the attic. Turn the fan switch on your thermostat to the on position. This will keep the fan running and mixing the air so the temperature difference isn’t so great.

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