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Why You Should Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned

Keeping the air duct work in your home clean offers a range of benefits. It’s recommended that you have your ductwork cleaned regularly, semi-annually or annually, so you can enjoy the best indoor air quality in your home.

Why is it so important to have regular duct cleaning? 

  • Duct cleaning helps clean the air—Over time, air ducts get filled with dust, mites, bacteria, and various debris, which are obviously not good for your family to be breathing in. This can be especially harmful to the health of little children, seniors, and those with respiratory issues. Regular duct cleaning can eliminate these threats and improve the quality of your air.
  • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system—An air conditioner will operate more efficiently if it is cleaned out regularly. If dust and debris is blocking the ducts, your AC will have to work harder to keep your home cool, leading to higher electricity costs and more wear and tear on your HVAC unit. 

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