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Common Air Conditioning Problems

Over the lifetime of your air conditioning system, it’s possible that you’ll find that your cooling system is in need of repair. Most air conditioners tend to run into the same problems. Here’s a look at a few of the most common air conditioning issues.

  • Lack of cold air—Sometimes, an air conditioner will push out air just fine, but the air that it distributes just isn’t as cold as it should be. After verifying to make sure that your AC is on the right setting and temperature, you should call an air conditioning repair specialist to take a look at it.
  • Poor airflow—Is air barely coming out of your vents? It might just means that you need to change out your filter. Already tried that to no avail? The problem could be more serious, requiring the help of an HVAC repair company.
  • Water around the furnace— Could be coming from an overflowing drain pan and you should call an air conditioning professional to fix the problem.

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