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3 Ways You’re Spending Too Much Cooling Your Home – Lower Energy Cost

Want to keep your home nice and cool during the hot months without spending a lot on energy bills? The fact is that 40% of the average household’s energy bill is for air conditioning. During the warm summer months, the cost of keeping your home cool can be very high, especially if you’re making these 3 costly mistakes:


Mistake #1: Turning on the air conditioner to cool one room

If you only need to get one room cool, there is no need to turn on your home’s central air conditioning. That is wasteful and expensive. Instead, using a portable air conditioning unit or fans can help cool that one room at a much lower cost.  When you need to cool your entire house, turning the fan switch on your thermostat to the on position will keep all of your rooms consistent, especially in a multi-story home.

Mistake #2: Not blocking direct sunlight coming through the windows

When the sun is shining and beaming down through your windows, it makes your house hotter. That means your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your house cool. That means higher energy bills. One thing you can do is to install window shades or mini-blinds. These will cut down on direct sunlight, helping your home stay a little cooler.

Mistake #3: Not maintaining your air conditioner

Poor air conditioning maintenance can cost you a lot. Don’t ignore simple maintenance tasks like changing your filters regularly. Also, have your entire system inspected annually to ensure optimal performance.

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