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In light of recent events we want to highlight certain products we offer which can help inactivate viruses and other microbes inside your home.

The first and most important category of products are ultraviolet (UV) lights.

Ultraviolet wavelength light, especially in the “C” spectrum of UV waves, in sufficient quantities will severely damage the DNA and RNA of a virus. This destroys the ability of the virus to replicate thus neutralizing it.

  •  UV light has even proven effective at inactivating the Ebola virus.  
  •  Chinese civil authorities have now installed thousands of UV lights in municipal buildings and public transportation to help combat the coronavirus.
  •  In 2007 the American Journal of Public Health published a paper describing how masks and UV lights could help blunt the effect of an influenza pandemic. The opening sentence of this paper states “In the event of an influenza pandemic, where effective vaccine and antiviral drugs may be lacking, disrupting environmental transmission of the influenza virus will be the only viable strategy to protect the public.”  You could replace the words “influenza virus” with “coronavirus” and that sentence would describe our present situation in the country today.

Sanders and Johnson has sold this type of UV product for several years. It mounts inside the return air drop and “zaps” air flowing down the duct and again when it flows away from the unit. Any viruses present in the return air system are treated with UV light for the maximum amount of time possible.

We presently have about a dozen of these units in stock. Our normal pricing per unit is anywhere from $1400 to $1600 but we have dropped the price depending on make and model. Last week our manufacturing partner informed us the Chinese government has just placed an order for 6,000,000 (yes you read that correctly – 6 million) UV lights from manufacturers located here in the United States. We will do our best to acquire as many of these lights as we can before the Chinese government snaps up the remaining supply.

The second category of products used to help fight against viruses are humidifiers.

Researchers at Yale University published a paper in May of 2019 describing how low humidity can prevent small hair-like structures inside airway cells from removing flu virus particles. The same study also revealed low humidity seems to impede the ability of these airway cells to repair damage caused by the virus inside the lungs. SARS, a virus from the same family as CoVID-19, is more persistent in environments with a low relative humidity and low temperatures. If you are interested in purchasing a humidifier, we have dropped the price to $600 for our most basic bypass model.

The third category of products used to help decrease the threat of viral infection is ionizers.

This equipment produces negative air ions which are blasted out of the ionizer onto particles suspended in the air. These particles then develop a charge. Charged particles will aggregate together and become so heavy they fall out of the air. This technology has existed for years. The negative ions themselves will inactivate viruses although researchers do not yet understand why.

So to wrap this up, we are offering discounted pricing for a limited time on three products research has shown can help protect against viruses. To be crystal clear, we do not claim:

  • UV lights, humidifiers, and ionizers are guaranteed to prevent infection by the coronavirus or any other virus.
  • UV lights, humidifiers, and ionizers will cure those already infected.

Anyone who makes either claim is stating a falsehood. Instead these devices can decrease the likelihood of infection by reasons known years ago. And that, we believe, is a good thing.

Lastly, please take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Look for examples of kindness, patience, and gratitude. And don’t hesitate to reach out at 720-594-2764 if there is anything you think we can do for you. If countermeasures against the coronavirus have caused you to become unemployed, and you experience a sudden and unexpected HVAC problem, don’t be afraid to call us for help. We are a small company with limited means but we have a big spirit and will try to find a way of easing the burden.

All the best from your friends at Sanders & Johnson.