Honeywell Thermostats and Air Quality

Honeywell, I’m sure you have heard this word many times.  In fact, you have probably seen the name Honeywell name on some of your household appliances and commercials on TV.  But did you know they actually got their start in the heating and air conditioning business? The original company was founded in 1906 by Mark Honeywell. Honeywell still remains one of the most trusted heating and air conditioning brands in the world providing tons of homes with great air quality.

Honeywell Products

Honeywell’s original product was a thermostat. Honeywell thermostats have been the industry standard in heating and air conditioning for years and they have been the industry leaders in innovation.  We are able to provide a wide array of Honeywell thermostats including:

• Smart Thermostats
• Programmable thermostats
• Manual thermostats

Air Quality

Humidifiers — Honeywell offers a wide range of whole home humidifiers that work in conjunction with your furnace to keep your whole home at the perfect level. A dry home can create all sorts of problems for your health and your belongings.  It’s important to make sure to keep the proper level of humidity with a Honeywell humidifier.

Dehumidifiers — Does the air in your home feel overly sticky and humid? You can definitely have too much humidity in your home. With a Honeywell dehumidifier you can restore the proper level of humidity inside of your home.

Why Sanders & Johnson?

Here at Sanders & Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning we have been providing the Denver area with Honeywell products for over 40+.  We live by our motto of honest work for honest prices when you’re looking for Honeywell products in Denver, CO call the experts at 303-422-6606.