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Home Evaluations and your Contractor

In this series we are covering the top 5 things when you are choosing your contractor to replace that old HVAC system. Sanders & Johnson not only wants to provide you with excellent customer service but as a contractor we want to give you the tools you need to make the right decision for your family and home!

Whether your HVAC system is old or brand new you might be looking at replacing your AC or furnace or finding a company for scheduling annual maintenance. We know that you will need to hire an HVAC company to handle your needs.

Previous post went into the TOP reason: Licensing and Experience.

The next almost as important is your home evaluation.

So, why do you need a home evaluation? If you are replacing an old system with a new top of line tech HVAC system, as your contractor we would need to determine the best heating and cooling solution for you.

• What is the square footage of the home?
• Do you know the R-value of your insulation? Are your walls insulated?
• Location and how many windows you have in the home. Did you know that the location of those windows makes a big difference? Do they take the wind?
• Your current duct system – Checking to see whether there are repairs needed for duct leaks which effect flow and loss of heating and cooling

All these factors plus a few more will help to determine your needs for heating and cooling.

Once your soon-to-be contractor has all these details, they will hand you with a nice packet giving you your cost,  the warranties and other energy efficient ideas. One major factor to consider is the price but please don’t just look at price.  We know budget is important but going with the lowest price proposal may not be the best fit for your home. Ask or find out about financing, this is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home and for your health. An upfront cost may offset or save you more money down the line in many ways.

If you have questions about your current contractor or a contractor that you had come out to your house, please call Sanders & Johnson and we will help you through the process of purchasing your next HVAC system.  Remember we are a phone call away! Call today!


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