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Air Quality Control

Back in 2015 after a report analysis from the federal and state government air data Denver ranked amount the 16th most-polluted U.S. cities.  What can you do to help your own home’s air quality?

What can you do for air quality control?

It’s a pretty known fact that the air in Colorado is notoriously dry. In the winter time, this can make the your air particularly uncomfortable in your home.  However, if you’re looking for a solution to the effects of dry air in your home, Sanders and Johnson has the answer in the form of air quality control.

We  can install humidifiers at an affordable prices which will help to improve your health and keep you from getting sick during the winter, all with control!

air quality controlThe health effects of low humidity are numerous. Dry air can dry out your skin, causing irritation, cracking and even bleeding. It can dry out your nose and throat, leaving you more vulnerable to colds, the flu and allergens. Not only can a lack of humidity effect your health, but it also takes its toll on your home. Anything made of wood, from door frames to hardwood floors and more, contracts in low humidity. You could be looking at costly home repairs in addition to dealing with the poor health effects of low humidity.

Air quality control is your Denver, CO dry air solution! Our technicians can efficiently and professionally install a humidifier in your home that will help preserve your health and your house. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-422-6606.  Click here to contact us now.

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