4 Ways to Increase your Houses Humidity

dry desertIt’s that time of year again, and your house is as dry as the Sahara Desert. The dry air can be miserable for you and those around you. Left untreated it can lead to dry cracked skin that bleeds. Follow these 4 easy steps to keep your humidity in your home nice and comfy all winter long.


  • Set up a humidifier- One of the things you can do to help alleviate some of the dryness around your home is to set up a small humidifier. The humidifier will jet water vapor up into the air helping to restore your room back to a comfortable level.
  • Put out some water- Water likes to travel to dryer places. Because of this you can actually just place cups, or bowls of water throughout the house. Although it probably won’t turn your home into a sauna or steam room every little bit helps

drying clothes

  • forget the dryer- How often does it seem like you’re having to dry clothes. Next time instead of throwing them in the dryer try hanging them up in the house. Not only will you be spending less money running the dryer, you can help put some of the lost moister back into the air.
  • let it steam- Try drinking some more tea in the winter time, or at least try making some more tea in the winter time. The boiling water on your stove top creates steam putting those precious water molecules back into that stale dry air.

Follow these 4 easy steps to generate your own humidity. If this doesn’t work though you may want to consider installing a whole home humidifier. With a whole home humidifier you’ll never have to worry about that stuffy dry air again.

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