Hiring a Denver Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

If you’ve never hired a Denver heating and air conditioning contractor before, you might not know where to start. Finding a reputable contractor is actually pretty easy. Just make sure you stick to these simple tips. Hiring your Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Do make sure the contractor has years of proven experience—There is just […]

Shopping Around For A Good Deal On Air Conditioning Repair in Denver

Looking for a good deal on Air Conditioning Repair in Denver? Nobody wants to spend their spare time trying to get their home Air Conditioning Repair in Denver when it’s HOT outside. Everyone wants a great deal, and they want that great deal without sacrificing the quality of service they feel they deserve. At Sanders […]

Sanders and Johnson Fujitsu Mini Split System

When most people think of Fujitsu they tend to think of cameras. Fujitsu isn’t generally the first company that comes to mind when you’re thinking about an air conditioner. When it comes to ductless air conditioning though, they are simply the best around. As a company that has been making electronics since 1936.  They have […]

Furnace Repair and Replacement in Denver

Did your furnace give up on you this winter? Here at Sanders and Johnson, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning, we have years of experience working with all types of furnaces. We’ve been provided furnace repair and replacement in Denver for 40+ years.  The cold Colorado winters can be brutal without any heat, but you don’t have […]

Cooling Services Denver

We might live in the Rockies but do you feel like it might be the Sahara Desert at your house? We know that Denver summers can be pretty brutal! Our temperatures climb into the low 90s. The worst feeling is coming home mid-July only to find out that your air conditioner never kicked on. There […]

Heating Services Denver

Did you wake up this morning only to realize that your furnace or boiler gave up on you in the middle of the night? All that beautiful Colorado snow comes with a price, and that price is enduring frigid cold temperatures every winter. Making sure your heater is working correctly is a vital aspect of […]

Ductless Air Conditioning Denver

Denver is an old city and with that comes old homes. The great thing about an old house is that it has character and tells the story of all those that have lived there before you. Unfortunately many homes built before the 1950’s simply don’t have the ductwork necessary for the convenience of modern day […]

Burnham Boiler Denver Residents

Need a new boiler?  Hey, call us for a Burnham boiler Denver residents! Burnham has been producing superior boilers since 1873 and they’ve learned a few things over the years. As the leading manufacturer of quality boilers Burnham, is the name that you can trust to last you and your family for years to come. […]

Thermostat Installation in Denver

A thermostat allows you to tell the air conditioning or heating unit what temperature you want the air in your house.  Most of us know this basic feature, but with so many different options available today, it can be hard to know just what type to chose. Are you looking for thermostat installation in Denver? […]

Coolant: Air Conditioning Recharge

Coolant: Air Conditioning Recharge Your air conditioning coolant may very well be one of the most vital parts of your AC system. What does the coolant actually do? A coolant is a chemical that can change from liquid to gas and back with out much pressure. Through this it gathers and releases heat creating a cold surface for […]